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1. My neighbor’s dog barks all the time. Is there anything I can do?
2. I see some dogs running at large in our subdivision. Is there anything that can be done?
3. I have found a stray cat. Will Animal Control come and get it?
4. I am concerned about some horses in my neighborhood that look thin. I don’t think the owner feeds them enough. Can you help?
5. I see some horses every day that look healthy enough, but have to stand all day in the cold winter weather with no blankets or shelter. Is that considered cruelty to animals?
6. If Park County Animal Control picks up an animal, will it be destroyed?
7. I left home for a month and when I came back I found 13 cats in my barn. Can you come get them?
8. I woke up this morning and there are 43 cows standing in my front yard. When can you come move them?
9. I see dogs chasing deer where I live all the time. Can I shoot them?