Why don't women just leave?
There are many reasons a woman may stay in an abusive relationship. The main reason is fear. She may fear she will be found and seriously injured or killed if she tries to leave. Since the batterer is fighting for power and control over her, the batterer is willing to do just about any thing to keep her. She may fear she can not support herself or the children on her own. She may fear no one will believe her. Her family and/or church may not believe her or may tell her the abuse is normal, and that it is her duty as a wife to keep the family together. She may feel that children need to be with their father.

While there are many reasons why a woman may stay in an abusive relationship, it's important to remember that she is the victim of a crime. The perpetrator has said he loves her and that she loves him. The batterer is the one choosing to be violent. The question should be "Why does the batterer abuse her?"

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1. Why don't women just leave?
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