Do we have the wrong information?

Let’s Avoid An Appeal

If you have found a discrepancy in the Assessor’s data, please contact our office! Our goal is to have correct and complete assessment records. If the Assessor’s records don’t reflect the correct inventory, a fair value cannot be estimated. While an informal review is not necessary to appeal your property value, it can be beneficial and avoid an appeal. The month of May is the formal appeal period, however the Assessor’s Office is always available to review property records and discuss concerns regarding property value or classification.

The purpose of an informal review should be:

  • to verify the information on your property record;
  •  to ensure your understanding how your value was estimated
  • to discover whether you qualify for any exemptions; and
  • to be sure you understand how to file an appeal

The staff-member conducting the meeting will review your property records and comparable properties. We encourage you to submit any information you have gathered. If you have uncovered an error, it is possible that a staff appraiser needs to visit your property to ascertain whether discrepancies or changes to the property warrant a value or classification change. It is also possible that a decision regarding a change may require further research, or documentation may be requested (photos, formal appraisals, etc.).

After reviewing your inventory, comparing like-properties and reviewing sales, if you still feel your property value is incorrect, an Appeal may be in order.

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