Will I be able to connect to anything on the internet


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1. Who gets connected first?
2. Why does fiber cost so much?
3. If I am not signed up can I get connected either during the project or soon after?
4. Who owns the infrastructure?
5. How long are these payments?
6. Who maintains all this stuff after installation?
7. What happens if the project gets into trouble and requires more resources than agreed on?
8. What happens when I sell my house?
9. Can I opt out if I don't want any of this?
10. How much value does this add to my home?
11. Is there redundancy with the system?
12. What equipment is required to be mounted to my residence?
13. Who provides customer support?
14. Can we have an open access network and allow multiple provider on the network?
15. What happens if we choose not to support this concept?
16. What part of this project is the county involved with?
17. Will this require a vote?
18. Will there be workman on my property?
19. Does this help with cell phones?
20. Why doesn’t the federal government pay for it or contribute to the project?
21. Why doesn’t the state pay for this?
22. Why doesn’t the provider pay for this, we pay them enough money each month?
23. Will I be able to connect to anything on the internet
24. How does net neutrality affect this project?