Can I have horses on my property?
Regardless of zoning, the property must have a lawful source of water or well permit that authorizes the watering of livestock. Property must be routinely cleared of waste products. All corrals, stalls, and barns shall be located 50 feet from any dwelling, and 100 feet from any water well or watercourse. Runoff containing organic waste shall not be allowed to drain onto adjacent lots or any watercourse.

If your property is zoned Agricultural (A), there are no restrictions on the number of horses and/or any large livestock other than federal and State Animal Feed Operations (AFO) and Confined Feed Operations (CFO) regulations. Please refer to the Park County Land Use Regulations, Article 5, Division 7, Section 5-700 for the current Animal Regulations.

Please note: For properties that were created after August 23, 2003, and are less then 10 acres, no large livestock animals are permitted.

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