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Posted on: August 31, 2023

Update on Pond Applications to Colorado Division of Water Resources

Labor Day

Park County, CO – At the August 22, 2023 Board of County Commissioners Meeting, the implementation of Senate Bill 22-114, legislation signed into law last year that allows up to 30 acres of fire-suppression ponds per county and bars the Colorado Division of Water Resources (DWR) from requiring the replacement of water lost to evaporation from those ponds. In a recent development following a meeting with the Park County Emergency Services Council on August 23, we are pleased to announce significant progress in the submission of pond applications to DWR. This update aims to clarify recent events and provide the public with accurate information regarding this ongoing initiative.

Key Highlights:

  • Application Status: After careful consideration and collaborative efforts, a total of 9 pond applications have been prepared and submitted.
  • Unified Effort: Collaborating with local fire districts, the submissions cover essential territories, including the Bailey area and a pond located in Hartsel. The first 9 ponds submitted represent 17 of the possible 30 acres we can identify through this process.  
  • Continued Review: Our fire districts are leaving no stone unturned in their commitment to community safety. A thorough review of their respective territories is underway to identify additional sites that meet the requirements of conforming fire suppression ponds.
  • Secondary Submission: Any ponds that fulfill the criteria for conforming fire suppression ponds, as determined by our fire districts, will be submitted to DWR in a secondary submission before the close of September.
  • Public Clarification: Addressing recent confusion, we understand that there were expectations of a BOCC special meeting on August 29. However, no such meeting took place. We apologize for any inconvenience caused by this miscommunication.

“Protecting our people and property is one of the most important duties I have as a county commissioner.  This effort is a culmination of 4 years of work with the Fire Districts, the Land Owners, DWR and the state legislature,” said Commissioner Dick Elsner.

Once these sites are confirmed a comprehensive update will be made to the public. For any further inquiries or information, please contact your Board of County Commissioners.


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