Senior Property Tax Exemption

The Colorado General Assembly has reinstated funding for the Senior Property Tax Exemption (a/k/a Senior Homestead Exemption) for tax year 2021, payable in 2022.

The Deadline to apply for tax year 2022 payable in 2023 is July 15th

In November 2000, Referendum A, also known as the Senior Homestead Exemption Act, was approved as an addition to the Colorado Constitution. The Act took effect as of January 1, 2002, for property taxes payable in 2003 and will remain in effect every year hereafter. Specifically, the Act grants an exemption (reduction) up to one-half of the first $200,000 in market value from property taxes for a qualifying residential owner, if funding is available.

If the program is not funded, but you meet the qualifications, you are encouraged to apply and be placed in the system for future funding.

Application Options

  • Short Form (PDF)- This is a simplified application form to be used if three questions can be answered "True":
    • As of January 1 of this year (or the year of application), I am 65 years old.
    • I occupy the property to receive the exemption as my primary residence and have done so for at least ten consecutive years.
    • I am the owner of record for at least ten consecutive years prior to January 1 of this year (or the year of application).
  • Long Form (PDF) - This is a more complicated form to be used by seniors that may still qualify even if the aforementioned three questions cannot be answered "True".