Appeal Information

  1. Real Property
  2. Personal Property

Land & Improvements

  • Colorado statutes define "Improvements" as: "Improvements" means all structures, buildings, fixtures, fences, and water rights erected upon or affixed to the land, whether or not title to such land has been acquired. 39-1-102(7), Colorado Revised Statutes (CRS).
  • The appraisal data used to establish real property value was from the 48-month period ending June 30, 2018. If data is insufficient during this time period, assessors may use data from the five-year period ending June 30, 2018.
  • Your property was valued as it existed on January 1 of the current year. The "current year actual value" represents the actual value of your property. The tax notice you receive next January will be based on this value.
  • An assessment percentage will be applied to the actual value of your property before property taxes are calculated.
  • The assessment percentage for residences is 7.15%. Generally, all other property, including Vacant land, Commercial, Agricultural, and Natural Resources, is assessed at 29%. 39-1-104(1) and (1.5)(a), CRS.
  • Property Taxes are determined by multiplying the total actual value times the appropriate assessment rate, to determine the assessed or taxable value. The assessed value is multiplied by the aggregate total mill levy to determine total property tax amounts. The Assessor's primary responsibility is to locate, identify, and value all of the taxable property in his jurisdiction.
  • State law requires the Assessor to notify each owner of Real Property by mailing a Notice of Valuation on or before May 1st.

Protests by Mail

If you choose to mail a written protest, you may elect to complete the protest form contained on the Notice of Valuation and mail (i.e. fax, United States Postal Service, or courier service) it to the Assessor at:
P.O. Box 636
Fairplay, CO, 80440-0636

Our fax number is 719-836-4193. To preserve your right to protest, your mailed protest must be postmarked no later than Monday, May31, 2021.

To preserve your appeal rights, you may be required to prove that you have filed a timely appeal; therefore, we recommend all correspondence be mailed with proof of mailing.

Protests in Person

No in-person appointments will be available at this time. There is a drop box located outside the Park County Offices at:
856 Castello Avenue
Suite 2102
Fairplay, Colorado 80440

The box is to the right of the main door marked "Park County Government". This box will be checked, Monday through Thursday, May 1 through June 1, 2020. To preserve your right to protest, you must file your appeal on or before Monday, May31, 2021 .

Protests Online 

 Appeal on-line through our Property Record Search page. Enter your parcel/schedule number (10-digit number, located in the upper left-hand area of the NOV) and click go. This will access your property record as the Assessor has it listed. Complete the on-line form, upload supporting documentation and press submit. 

To preserve your right to protest, you must file your online or email appeal by Monday,  May 31, 2021.


After the aforementioned dates, your right to appeal in 2021 is lost.

Assessor's Determination

By law, the Assessor must make a decision on your protest and mail a Notice of Determination notifying you of his decision on or before the last working day in June.

Appealing the Assessor's Decision

If you are not satisfied with the Assessor's determination, by law you must file a written appeal with the County Board of Equalization on or before Wednesday, July 15, 2021.

For more information regarding 2021 real property appeals, contact the Park County Assessor's Office at 719-836-4394 or 719-836-4331. Additional data and information is available on the Assessor website.