Treasurer Statement

With the Governor’s Executive Order of reduced staff in the office of 50%, the Treasurer’s Office is taking these steps to maintain Social Distancing to help keep all safe from the spread of the Coronavirus and limit the possibility of contagion. We are still at work serving Park County as the back office work continues.  We strongly suggest using the methods below to pay your taxes.

  • You can pay online - Instructions on how to pay taxes on line can be found at
  • Checks can be left with coupons in the drop box in front of the Park County Office Building at 856 Castello Ave, Fairplay, or
  • You can mail checks with a coupon to Park County Treasurer, PO Box 638, Fairplay, CO 80440.

We are available for your calls at 719-836-4334 from 8:00 in the morning until 5:00 in the afternoon Monday – Thursday or you can contact us by email online. These are trying and extreme times, but we remain here to serve you and together we will work our way through these temporary difficulties.

Interest Policy per Governor’s Executive Order

Park County Treasurer
Late Payment / Delinquent Interest Policy
March 21, 2020 – April 20, 2020 

March 22, 2020 - With Executive Order D 2020 012, Governor Polis authorized the County Treasurers to suspend or waive delinquent interest that may accrue as a result of delinquent tax payments for 30 days. It is common, when a Governor is overriding state law, to limit the executive order for 30 days to allow the Legislature to take action. Should the legislature not act within that time period, and the situation that brought on the need for the Executive Order still exists, it is also common for the Governor to extend those provisions.

Our Policy:

In order to help taxpayers who have not paid the first half of their taxes, and had planned to but may have difficulty paying the full amount by April 30th, we will accept first half payments from now until April 20th with no interest due. Payments made by mortgage or title companies for first half payments have already been made and posted so this waiver does not need to apply to these accounts. The second half payment will be due June 15, 2020.

Unfortunately, you cannot make this 1st half payment without interest through our online system. Instead, please either mail your check to the Park County Treasurer, PO Box 638, Fairplay, CO 80440 or drop your payment into the 24-hour drop boxes located in front of the the Park County Office building, 856 Castello, Fairplay.

No refunds will be made for taxes already paid with interest.

Call our office if you have questions or need assistance at 719-836-4334.