Tarryall Creek Ranch Riparian Restoration Project

Tarryall Creek (Enhanced Stream)

The primary goal of the 2009 Tarryall Creek  Ranch Riparian Restoration Project was to restore the natural riparian condition along this extremely degraded portion of Tarryall Creek.  Because the degree of impairment was so severe, passive recovery alone was not sufficient.  The restoration plan therefore  also included large-scale willow transplanting.

Mechanical restoration work involved reshaping the  stream bed to decrease near-bank stress and provide in-stream  habitat benefits such as increased pool area.  It also entailed planting 580 mature willow shrubs, 2700 willow stems, 2000 feet of sod,  and the construction of benches along 270 feet of stream bank. 

Funding for this project was provided in part by the Park County Land & Water Trust Fund.