Cline Ranch

Cline Ranch Aerial

Also known as Tarryall Creek Ranch, the Cline Ranch has been a high  priority for conservation since 1996.  The Ranch includes a variety of  habitat types, including extensive wetlands, beaver ponds,  open grassland, aspen forest, and over three miles of Tarryall  Creek.  This large property supports migratory and nesting birds, game  migration corridors, critical elk calving grounds, and a very good trout fishery.  

Conservation easements funded by Great Outdoors Colorado and the Park County Land & Water Trust Fund now protect the entire ranch.  About a third of the property was then purchased with a grant from the  Colorado Division of WIldlife with matching funds from the Park County  Land & Water Trust Fund.  As a result, the Cline Ranch State  Wildlife Area now provides public hunting and fishing on 1650 acres of  the Cline Ranch.