Middle Fork Water Quality (Be the Change)

“Be the Change” a nonprofit organization is looking into the Alma Mine  spill on the Middle Fork. The fresh water inflow was too low and mine  waste spilled. The mine owner corrected the problem by raising the  inflow pipe higher. They did some sampling downstream of spill and there was some lead in the water. Be the Change needs $30,000 to do a better  water quality study. The study would show if metals are moving from the  mine to water downstream of the mine. They hope to get more money from  EPA after the study to clean up any heavy metals which may be present.  They will work with Dr. Carla Johnson to locate areas for sampling. They are asking for $15,000 to test the water samples. They have in-kind  funds of $10,000 for water sampling and $5,000 to write the report.