Guffey Gorge Improvements

Guffey Gorge
People hiking down Guffey Gorge

Guffey Gorge is on BLM land near the Park County and Teller county lines. It contains a small natural water pool located on Four Mile Creek, which flows into the Arkansas River. This site has up to 400 visitors/day. Without facilities, trash, dog and human waste were huge problems and contaminating the pool and creek. People were parking on private property and on both sides of the road, making a hazardous situation. The BLM had funds to maintain the site, but no funds for building facilities or a parking lot. With the help of LWTF, vaulted restrooms and a relocated parking lot were installed. BLM paved the parking lot to help reduce the sediment load on the water source. In 2016, they had 38,000 visitors. Of that, 11,000 were in one month – July. An education program to Leave No Trace was established in hopes of retraining visitors to use the restrooms and not leave trash if the trash dumpster is full.

Gold Belt Tour Scenic And Historic Byway Association was a partner in the project.