Groundwater Quality Compilation Study

Phase 1 and 2

The Colorado Geological Survey combined all the groundwater quality data from federal, state and local sources into one data set based on the geologic formation the aquifer is located in. Then CGS created water characterizations, Stiff diagrams, a stratigraphic column noting groundwater occurrences and water quality maps. The final report discusses geologic formations, structural geology and fault zones, and water quality of each formation. For example, in portions of west central Park County, a delicate equilibrium exists that keeps saline groundwater in gypsum and halite formations separated from near surface fresh groundwater that provides residents’ well water.

The Coalition of the Upper South Platte managed the project and conducted water sampling where needed to characterize geologic formations’ groundwater. The project was completed in two phases. The CGS report is Open File Report 15-11. The data was also put into the Colorado Data Sharing Network website.