Cavity-Free at Three

Cavity-Free at Three Logo

Park County Public Health is pleased to partner with our local dental hygienists in providing the Cavity Free at Three program. Cavity Free at Three is a statewide effort to prevent oral disease in young children. The mission of Cavity Free at Three is to eliminate early childhood caries (cavities) in young children, helping them to grow up free of dental disease.

A Cavity Free at Three visit includes a dental screening, fluoride varnish and hygiene instruction and takes less than 15 minutes.

To schedule an appointment closest to Northern Park County please call: Mountain Dental Hygiene Services LLC, (303) 523-2851 for an appointment. Summit Community Care Clinic’s school clinic in Fairplay offers the program for children who have a sibling attending an RE 2 school.  Please call 970-710-5049 to book an appointment at the school based clinic.