Being Stalked

Important things to know if you are being stalked

  • Trust your instincts - There are things that can be done systemically that are helpful in protecting you, including protection orders, safety planning and dialing 911 if the protection order is being broken. However, in the end you are the best judge of your own safety, and no matter how much information you could give anyone systemically they could never know your situation the way that you do, and you are the 1 that has to live with what is happening. There is never a sure answer in stalking cases when it comes to knowing what you can expect. Plan accordingly.
  • Write everything down. There are a few things to remember when recording things.
  • No judgments are allowed.
    • You're only writing things down, weird things, scary things or things that feel different.
    • It's helpful to keep things chronological, although just getting the bigger picture is the most important part of this.
  • Some behaviors that could be included but are not limited to:
    • Things can be recorded in a matter of 2 different ways.
      • Specific acts the perpetrator is doing.
      • Things you've done or felt that you've had to change in your life in order to keep safe.