Rape Information


The legal definition of "rape" varies from state to state. Colorado laws use the broader term "sexual assault" to describe many different acts, including sexual contact that is accomplished through "force or threat of force." The fact is that about 80% of victims know the perpetrator. Rapes can happen anywhere, anytime.

Date Rape

In date or acquaintance rape, the attacker can be a friend, relative, spouse, lover, neighbor, co-worker, employer, employee, etc. Victims of all genders and sexual orientations are more vulnerable to acquaintance rape than to attack by a stranger because they have access to information about the victim and the victim is likely to trust the acquaintance. It is much easier to guard against stranger rape than acquaintance rape and the psychological and emotional consequences are more difficult to deal with.

Male Victims

A recent study suggests that 1 out of every 8 men will be sexually assaulted during his lifetime. The majority of them will be assaulted by men. As with men who rape women, men who rape other men are motivated primarily by a desire to do violence and to assert power. Of these victims, almost half knew their assailant.