What Is Included?

Emergency Preparedness

Emergency Preparedness includes:

  • Health education regarding prevention and control of disease
  • Preparedness and planning for public health emergencies with agencies and community partners with whom we respond
  • Surveillance of disease within the County to ensure early detection of outbreaks
  • Investigation of disease cases to ensure appropriate care of clients and their contacts
  • Institution of social distancing measures such as isolation, quarantine, and the closing of venues to decrease the spread of disease
  • Dissemination of health information during public health emergencies to ensure residents and citizens have the most accurate and updated information
  • Planning for mass prophylaxis dispensing / vaccination to residents and visitors in the event of an emergency that medicines / vaccines are available
  • Performing exercises with community and agency partners to ensure a timely and well coordinated response

Additional Information

Please feel free to contact our Fairplay Office at (719) 836-4161 or our Bailey Office at (303) 816-5970 for additional information or questions.