Advisory Board on the Environment (ABE)


The mission of the Park County Advisory Board on the Environment (ABE) is to advise on issues that influence the environment. Such issues may include, air, water, wildlife, lands and minerals. The Board will help to facilitate public and other stakeholder dialogue on specific issues and make factual recommendations to the Park County Planning Commission, Board of Adjustments, other County Agencies and the Board of County Commissioners (BOCC} for their policy decision­-making.

Guiding Document

County Resolution 19-20 was adopted by the Board of County Commissioners on April 4, 2019 pertaining to and guiding ABE's work. 


The Advisory Board on the Environment (ABE), shall be composed of seven members serving staggered terms, who shall be appointed by the BOCC, and shall serve at their pleasure. Of the seven members, at least one will have expertise in water, agricultural, business, and wildlife (including Habitat).

John Reiber, Chair2023-2025
Ramon Castro2023-2025
Jennifer Migliorato2022 - 2024
 Bernard (Bernie) Peterson

2023 -2025
Patrick Schilken 2021 - 2023
Tyler Stoltzfus2022 - 2024

What Does ABE Do?

According to their guiding resolution, the duties and functions of ABE shall be;

  1. To develop and recommend actions, including policies, rules and regulations to foster improvements of environmental quality and conservation while keeping in mind the social wellbeing, economic stability, health quality and other good of Park County.
  2. To advise and make recommendations to the Park County BOCC, the Planning Commission, the Board of Adjustments, and other County Agencies on actions regarding land use decisions.
  3. To recommend investigations, studies, surveys, research and analysis relating to ecological systems and environmental quality which will serve to assist the Planning Commission and the BOCC in the formulation of policies and decisions related to the environment.
  4. To assist in the review of Environment Impact Statements and Environmental Assessments by other government agencies on proposed development within Park County including other documents related to the environment and provide the results of such review to the BOCC, the Planning Commission and other appropriate Agencies.
  5. To help facilitate outreach efforts designed to communicate with residents of Park County, non-resident property owners and other stakeholders on issues related to the environment. To communicate the results to the BOCC and Planning Commission.

Interested in Joining ABE? 

Park County Board of County Commissioners accept applications on a rolling basis. Please complete this form: application coming soon! 


For more information, please contact the Administration Department at 719-836-4201.