Development Guidelines

Land Use & Development

Land use and development are governed by Park County Zoning Ordinances, Land Use Regulations, Subdivision Regulations, and Building Codes, as well as state and County Health Department Regulations.


  • Building permits are not issued until applicants first comply with all other County requirements. Before buying property in the County, property owners should check with the Environmental Health Department to determine what environmental hazards and health risks may exist in the area. A septic system permit must be obtained from the Department before applying for a building permit.
  • Wildfires are part of the natural cycle in mountain forests. Accordingly, prospective residents are encouraged to consider the possibility of a catastrophic wildfire when choosing a building site. County road and driveway access are important considerations in the event that a wildfire does occur. Further, residents are urged to create a defensible space around their homes and other structures.
  • Before drilling a water well, property owners must first obtain a well permit from the Colorado Division of Water Resources in Denver at (303) 866-3587. The Environmental Health Department advocates that well water be tested by a certified laboratory before it is used for household purposes. In particular, testing for bacteria, nitrates, radioactivity, and metals is highly recommended.
  • The Road and Bridge Department is only required to maintain roads on the county road system. It is not responsible for maintaining State highways, town streets or private roads. Nor does the county maintain residential or subdivision roads that are not part of the county's road system.
  • County roads in more remote areas may be graded only 1 time each year, if at all. If a road is deemed passable upon inspection, it may not receive maintenance every year. Winter snow removal is one of the most important functions of the department, with main thoroughfares receiving highest priority. As time and weather permit, mail routes, school bus routes and secondary roads are then cleared. Snow removal on lower priority county roads is a courtesy rather than mandatory. Contrary to a common misconception, residency is not a factor with regard to road maintenance or snow removal prioritization.
  • Park County's right of way averages 30 feet to either side of the County road centerline. It is illegal to build or place anything on County roads without first obtaining permission from the Road and Bridge Department.
  • Park County requires that all property owners identify their driveway location and apply for a driveway permit from the Road and Bridge Department before constructing a driveway. Property owners are responsible for constructing and maintaining their own driveways and parking areas.

More Information

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