2016 Housing Numbers

The total number of housing units in Park County was 14,574 and the number of households occupied was 7,564. There were 55 residential building starts in 2013, 87 residential building starts in 2014,122 residential building starts in 2015 and 136 residential building starts in 2016. The median home value for 2016 in Park County for all homes was $312,709.

Land Use Planning

In 2001, the Board of Park County Commissioners adopted the Park County Strategic Master Plan as a blueprint for new Land Use Regulations that were subsequently refined and adopted in 2003.

The LURs have since been amended to address changes in land use patterns. A few general principles contained in the 2001 Strategic Master Plan include the following:

  • Ensure that growth is sustainable (i.e. consistent with existing resources and carrying capacities)
  • Encourage new commercial development that will add value to each community (i.e. grocery stores)
  • Protect the rights of private property owners
  • Ensure the rate of development allows the county and others to provide adequate levels of service
  • Protect surface water and groundwater resources
  • Preserve and enhance critical natural areas
  • Mitigate existing and potential man-made hazards
  • Preserve and protect historic resources and structures.
  • Target around towns and rural population centers for high density residential and commercial development.
  • Maintain the rural character of the county and rural areas through preservation of open space
  • Encourage heritage tourism and entrepreneurial business development to diversify the economy
  • Encourage site planning that minimizes the fragmentation of undeveloped lands.
  • Protect and preserve access routes to public lands
  • Promote new recreation opportunities for residents
  • Require new development to pay its fair share of the cost of providing services to such development