Victim's Bill of Rights

Bill of Rights

Victims and witnesses have a right to:

  • Be treated with dignity, respect, and compassion
  • Protection from intimidation and harm
  • Be kept informed about various phases of their case, including investigation, prosecution, trial, and sentencing
  • Provide information and input into the criminal justice process, especially at such key points as plea-bargaining, sentencing, and parole release hearings
  • The speedy return of their property used for evidence
  • Notification from officials about arrests, release of defendants, the time and location of legal proceeding, and sentencing and parole hearings
  • Be informed about eligibility for state crime compensation or financial support, where applicable
  • Be helped in completing application forms in a timely manner when applicable
  • Request and utilize the services of the Victim Advocate Program

Failure to Receive Rights

If efforts to obtain your rights with your criminal justice agency have failed, you may request assistance from the Governor's Victim's Coordinating Committee at the Division of Criminal Justice Victims Programs or call (303) 239-4442 or (888) 282-1080.