Animal Adoption


After an animal has been impounded by Park County Animal Control it may be adopted out after the fifth day of impound, provided the owner of the animal is unknown or has failed to come forward to claim his/her animal.

A person who adopts an animal from Park County must agree to the following:

  • To provide proper and sufficient food, water, shelter, identification, and kind treatment at all time
  • To have the animal inoculated on or before the dates recommended by the veterinarian, including annual booster shots
  • Not to permit the animal to be used for purposes of experimentation
  • To allow a Park County Animal Control Officer to examine the animal and living conditions at any time and to surrender the animal to Park County Animal Control if the Officer determines conditions are unsatisfactory


  • Dogs: $65 plus license fees
  • Cats: $30
  • Horse: Determined at date of adoption

To find out what animals are available for adoption call 719-836-4380.