Reportable Deaths to Coroner's Office

When to Report a Death
Generally, all deaths in Park County are reportable to the Corner as there is rarely a physician in attendance. For the expected deaths of persons in hospice care, the hospice nurse will report the death to the Coroner. For more information, contact the Coroner's Office at 719-836-4340.

By law the following types of death must be reported:

  • Sudden deaths of persons appearing to be in good health
  • All patient who expire within 24 hours of hospital admission
  • All deaths in which the attending physician has not been in attendance of the decedent within 30 days prior to the death
  • All deaths resulting from accident, suicide, homicides, or undetermined cause and manner (for example: falls, poisoning, industrial accidents, automobile accidents, automobile-pedestrian accidents, battered children, etc.) should all be reported
  • All deaths that occur in the emergency room, operating room, and during or shortly following a medical procedure
  • Deaths resulting from therapeutic procedures or deaths possibly related to the procedure
  • Deaths resulting from thermal, chemical, or radiation injury
  • All cases in which the attending physician is unable or unwilling to certify the cause of death
  • All deaths due to unexplained causes or under suspicious circumstances
  • Deaths resulting from a disease which may be hazardous, contagious, or which may constitute a threat to the health of the public (infectious disease cases)
  • All cases in which trauma is or may be associated with the death or cases where the patient entered the medical facility due to trauma. Cases should be promptly reported even though death may be attributed only indirectly to the trauma
  • All deaths while in custody of law enforcement officials or while incarcerated in a public institution