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Park County, Colorado
Physical Address:
501 Main St
Fairplay, CO 80440
Ph: (719) 836-2771
Fx: (719) 836-3273
Mailing Address:
PO Box 1373
Fairplay, CO 80440
Ph: (719) 836-2771
Fx: (719) 836-3273
County Offices Closed on Friday

Additional County Office Addresses


Keeping Citizens Informed

I've applied for a septic or driveway permit. When will it be issued?
It can take up to 10 days after the first inspection for your permit to be issued.

Environmental Health

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1. I'm getting ready to build a home in Park County. What do I need to do first?
2. How much do permits cost?
3. I've applied for a septic or driveway permit. When will it be issued?
4. Can I install my own septic system?
5. My septic system is failing. What do I do?
6. I'm selling my house. Do I need to transfer the ownership of my septic system to the new owner?
7. I am considering buying an existing home in Park County and would like to know what type of septic system is there. How do I find the information?
8. I am considering buying a vacant lot in Park County and need to know if there may be any problems placing a home and a septic system. How can I find out what I may need to know for future development?
9. Where can I get information on a particular well?
10. How can I get my home drinking water or well water tested?
11. How can I get rid of my hazardous waste safely?
12. How can I dispose of household trash or larger items such as furniture, etc.?
13. How do I report a potential environmental health concern?
14. I think I may have contracted food poisoning from a restaurant in Park County. How should I report it?

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