Guffey Gorge Improvements

One mile off a byway there is a small swimming hole located on BLM land  that is being loved to death. This land is located near the Park County  and Teller county lines. This site has up to 400 visitors/day. If you  google cliff jumping, Guffey Gorge will show up. Currently there are no  facilities and not enough parking. The BLM has funds to maintain the  site but no funds to build the site. Paving the parking lot will help  reduce the sediment load on the water source. The swimming hole is  located on Four Mile Creek which flows into the Arkansas River. Using  requested funds they installed a double vault toilet and will start  collecting fees, probably next summer. They also banned alcohol. They  have a contract for a private company to provide and maintain trash  receptacles. Park County will do road work for considerably less money.  In July 2016 they had 11,000 visitors. So far this year, they have had  38,000 visitors. They will be establishing an education program to Leave No Trace in hopes of retraining visitors.