Park County Broadband Initiative

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Broadband Explained
  1. Broadband 101 - an overview on broadband terms, how it works, what is driving the need, etc.
  2. Rural Broadband: Federal and State Perspectives - a look at some policies, regulations and laws affecting broadband
  3. Why Broadband Now? - 5 reasons why we must act now
If your connection speeds are slow, there are things you can do to speed up your connection. And if your speeds are consistently slow (slow speed test results over several days), contact your provider for additional help.
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Information about Rural Broadband
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  • Rural Broadband - an excellent overview of rural broadband issues by the Rural Policy Research Institute.
  • Adoption of Broadband - urban households average broadband Internet usage rates of 66% while rural households average 51%.



  • Park County Connect Survey - Please take our 5 minute survey to help us bring faster internet service to your business and home.