Employment & Wages

Resident Employment
According to the Colorado Department of Labor and Employment, 8,489 County residents were employed in December 2013. By comparison, 2,159 workers were employed within the county during 2012. It is concluded that 75% of the adult workforce commutes to work daily outside the County for the following reasons:
  • The majority of Park County's adult population has relocated here while retaining employment in neighboring counties or cities (i.e. Denver)
  • The higher wage scale in neighboring areas
  • Relatively few employers in Park County.

Largest Employers
The largest 2012 employer in Park County included:
  • Public administration (408 workers)
  • Educational services (339 workers) 
  • Food and lodging services (334 workers) 
  • Construction trade (227 workers)
  • Retail trade (190 workers)
  • Professional and technical services (122 workers)

As in previous years, public administration and educational services employed the most workers in 2012. In contrast, mining companies employed the least number of county residents. Because the local economy is now largely driven by seasonal tourism and construction, employment data reflect fluctuations in these industries. In contrast, employment in manufacturing, communications, and health care remain fairly constant throughout the year.

Annual Wages
The 2012 average annual wage in Park County was $32,100. Industries paying the highest annual wages include:
  • Wholesale trade ($69,927)
  • Professional and technical services($64,451)
  • Finance and insurance ($54,108)
  • Information services ($51,309)

Certain businesses within each industry pay higher wages than the industry as a whole. However, those businesses support a relatively small number of employees.