Permit Applications & Fees

Building Permit Fees

Most building permit fees are based on the square footage of the structure being built, but a few permits are flat-fee permits. For the square footage types of permits we can only provide estimates and not exact costs until the building plans are actually turned in. View the new fee schedule for flat-fee permits (PDF). For more information, contact the Building Department at 719-836-4255.

Square Footage Permits
Fee per Square Foot
Finished Basement $0.94
Garage $0.66
Addition (Dwelling)
Deck $0.75
Covered Deck $1.07
Unfinished Basement
 Flat Fee Permits
Demolition Permit
Excavation Permit
Mechanical Permit (including wood stove installation)
Solar Permit $200 
Re-roofing Permit

Building Applications